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I look forward to reviewing all listings submitted to this site. Please read the guidelines on the homepage, as I will only post listings that fit the parameters. I am not a self-appointed Arbiter of Good Taste, but I am quite clear about what kind of music and venues I wish to support through this site.

If you have, or know of, a listing you think should be included here, I invite you to send a link, which must be a publicly viewable website - no phone numbers, no addresses. If you should happen to find any broken links, this is also the place to let me know about them.

However, I have recently decided to no longer send confirmation e-mails. Unfortunately, time constraints and the volume of e-mail I regularly handle have conspired against me. If I have any questions about your listing or suggestion, I will write to you via the e-mail address you leave on this form. Otherwise, your link will simply appear in the listings... or not.

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