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The New England Folk Network has been online since May 2007, connecting New England regional folk performers, folk-supporting music venues and folk music fans. Using this network, these artists, venues and listeners can better support the music they love.

Before requesting a listing, please read the rest of the page.

Links may be sent via the “Get Listed” button on the left. Before clicking that button, though, be aware that the music supported through this site is a very specific genre. To be quite clear, if your listing is for any music other than Anglo-American Folk Music, if your listing is not at least semi-professional (with a website, not just a social media account set to Private), and if your location is anywhere outside of the six New England states, you will not get listed.

All potential listings will be vetted. Listees absolutely must be:

  • New England-based.
  • Anglo-American-oriented.
  • Folk.

Folk music has long relied on oral/aural transmission, which lends to its accessibility and popularity in informal social situations. Not to belabor the point, but there is a lot of dispute as to whether various musical genres are, or are not, folk. For purposes of this website and this website only, I define “folk” as acoustic-based, non-theatrical vocal or instrumental music created and/or performed without reliance on a classically or academically trained musical background; also, the subsequent evolutions of this music.

As for the Anglo-American aspect, this site lists those who are primarily performing or presenting folk music that has its roots in the Anglophone cultures of England, Canada or the United States. Some of the styles that will, therefore, not be listed here are: Blues, Bluegrass, Boogie-Woogie, Cajun, Celtic, Country-Western, Gospel, Gypsy, Irish, Jazz, New Age, Pop, Rock, World, or Zydeco.
To be reasonable, though, festivals, radio stations, camps, clubs and other venues serving a wide audience will be listed as long as they offer a generous amount of Anglo-American folk music.

A Note on Updates: pages are updated individually, as a listing is added, changed, or deleted. The update on this homepage does not reflect updates on other pages.


Wikipedia Link: Sometime late in 2007, an unknown Wikipedia user referenced this website in an article in the series, “Music of the United States.” Click the link above to read the article, “Music of Massachusetts.”

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